layaMany people today do not know about the beneficial effects of meditation. Within our February theme we will therefore publish a series of scientific research done on meditation by different independent researchers. The following is a synthesis of a program of scientific research done in connection with a specific meditation technique, the so called Laya Yoga meditation.

Laya Yoga is a method where the subject uses some inner subtle sounds in order to connect with superior energetic vibrations and higher states of consciousness.

The material is kindly borrowed from the yoga course material about Laya Yoga from Natha Yogacenter.

Synthesis on the Scientific Research on the effects of using the Laya Yoga Meditation Technique

l. Levels of profound relaxation
During the practice of Laya Yoga the oxygen consumption and the metabolism decreases considerably, showing a state of deep rest.

2. Natural variation of the breathing rhythm
During the practice of Laya Yoga the breathing rhythm decreases significantly, showing a state of deep relaxation and rest of the nervous system.

3. Diminution of the cardiac activity
During Laya Yoga the activity of the heart decreases, since the heart muscle is safely resting.

4. Biochemical variations
A strong concentration of lactic acid in the blood is generally associated with tiredness, high levels of stress, nervous breakdown, psychic tension and hypertension. During the Laya Yoga the concentration of the lactic acid is decreasing rapidly.

5. Deep rest
The electrodermal resistance of the skin diminishes under the influence of stress, worries or anxiety. While practicing Laya Yoga the electrodermal resistance increases dramatically, this fact showing a deep rest coupled with diminution of anxieties and emotional disturbances. The practitioners of this technique control stress much better than those who do not practice it. Therefore, the practice of this technique strengthens the nervous system of the individual, and allows him to react with better efficacy to the challenges of the environment.

6. State of hyper-wakefulness with deep rest
While Laya Yoga is practiced, the cerebral waves with a frequency of 8-9 cycles per second are propagated towards the frontal region of the brain, with the occasional occurrence of synchronous waves with a frequency of 5-7 cycles per second. These cerebral waves show a unique physiological state that is totally different from the state of wakefulness and sleep: it is a state of hyper vigilence simultaneous with a deep rest.

7. Synchronization of the cerebral waves
While practicing Laya Yoga the various cerebral waves have a tendency to regroup, to become rhythmic, with a constant frequency, in the same time entering into a harmonious state. The passing from the state of wakefulness to the state of sleep is a natural change, more or less gradual, as it is indicated by the passing from the Alpha waves to slower waves. In the same way, the transition from one stage of Laya Yoga to another is a natural, effortless and gradual transformation, shown by the passing from Theta to Alpha frequencies. Therefore, the Laya Yoga technique is a new form of repose, different from drowsiness or sleep.
The Laya Yoga technique induces the direct experience of a much deeper repose, simultaneously with a state of increased vigilance. The careful comparison of the cerebral waves during the states of wakefulness, sleep and dream, with the characteristic patterns that appear during the Laya Yoga technique in its different phases, strongly suggests the appearance of a fourth major state of consciousness.

8. Synchronization of the cerebral waves (II)
The Laya Yoga technique synchronizes the different frequencies of the cerebral waves of the right and left hemisphere, leading to concordance of phase and coherence. This phenomenon leads to a harmonious development of intelligence and of the capacity of learning. All these facts indicate a better integration between the analytical, verbal and sympathetic functions of the left hemisphere and the functions of intuition and space-time orientation of the right hemisphere. Relying on this much better integration, due to the Laya Yoga technique, the nervous system becomes more flexible and at the same time more stable.

9. Synchronisation of the cerebral waves (III)
During the Laya Yoga technique, the frequencies of the Alpha waves (from 8 to 12 Hz) are diffusing spontaneously, without any effort, from the posterior to the frontal areas of the brain. This shows a better coordination between the posterior perceptive areas, and the motor areas of the frontal part. This improves greatly the psychomotor coordination as well as the superior functions of the brain.

10. Stabilization of the physiological improvements (I)
The Laya Yoga technique induces a clearly superior physiological repose. This entails a gradual and beneficial reduction of the heart-rhythm, and therefore a more reduced wear of the heart and an increased cardiovascular efficiency.

11. Stabilization of the physiological improvements (II)
The Laya Yoga technique produces a clearly superior physiological repose, with the stabilization of a calm breathing, which lasts even after finishing the actual practice of the technique. This fact will entail a permanent and beneficial slowing down of the rhythm of the breath, which proves obviously that the body works better.

12. Improvement of reaction time
The Laya Yoga technique considerably improves the reaction time, this fact showing a greater vivacity, a better coordination between mind and body, less inertia, a greater acuity of perception and a better efficiency in action.

13. Increased capacity of perception
The improvement of the auditory acuity in subjects who practice this technique indicates that after the actual practice of the Laya Yoga technique the perception is much more clear and refined.

14. Improvement of the capacity of memorizing and learning
The results obviously show that the practitioners succeed better in memory tests and they learn faster than the ones who never practiced.

15. Increased productivity (I)
The practitioners show a better contentment with the results of their work, having a better efficiency, a better work stability and better relationship with their superiors and colleagues.

16. Harmonization of personality and actualisation of the Higher Self
Compared with a group of people who have never practiced the Laya Yoga technique, the results of the ones who have practiced daily for two months show an improvement of autonomy and emancipation, a better integration in time and space, tendency to live in the present (with a harmonious integration of the past and future), higher spontaneity and sensitiveness towards own needs and feelings, serene accepting of oneself, aptitude to create more interpersonal relationships based on affectionate feelings, flexibility in using own values. It can also be noticed an obvious improvement of personality, with an actualization of the higher self, state which manifests as a higher level of inner maturity. In the same time, the personal identity is crystallized.

17. Improvements at the psychic level
The practitioners of the Laya Yoga technique will perceive:
1) diminishing of anxiety, less psychosomatic maladies
2) diminishing of depressive tendencies, increased self confidence and contentment
3) diminishing of irritability, much more tolerance
and calm in frustrating situations
4) increased sociability and friendliness
5) tendency to trust people more
6) diminution of the tendency to dominate others, more respect, cordiality, flexibility, tolerance
7) less inhibitions, much more naturalness, spontaneity and independence
8) improved emotional stability and a very clear aptitude towards mental concentration
9) increased emotional stability and efficiency

18. Decreasing of the arterial tension
It was noticed that the arterial tension significantly returns to normal after a certain period of practice of the Laya Yoga technique, fact which makes obvious the clinical value of the Laya Yoga technique for the treatment of the hypertension.

19. Beneficial effects upon asthma
A study with a group of people suffering of asthma have shown that after the beginning of the practice of Laya Yoga technique, 94% of the subjects presented improvements in various degrees. These results show that the practice of the Laya Yoga technique can be very beneficial for people suffering of asthma.

20. Diminution in using alcohol and cigarettes
A retrospective study with 1862 subjects who practiced the Laya Yoga technique for an average of 20 months, indicates a significant reduction in using alcohol and cigarettes. The Laya Yoga technique induces a deep relaxation in the nervous system, fact which entails a more calm and relaxed functioning of the mind and body, as well as an increased creativity. These effects can explain the progressive diminishing of the need for cigarettes and alcohol.

21. Much faster recovery in the case of sleep deprivation
The results show that after 40 hours of sleep deprivation practitioners recover much faster than non-practitioners. The measuring criteria of this recovery were based on the length of the dream phases.

22. Improvement of attention
In a study upon the perceptive capacities, the results show the development of two types of attention:
1) a clearly superior aptitude to spontaneously maintain an expanded field of consciousness (distributive attention).
2) increased power to focus the attention (narrow it down)
In the same time, these results show the development of autonomy, of the aptitude to perceive and to analyse an element in a complex context.
The maturation of the nervous system as a result of this better aptitude of focusing the attention and to expand the field of consciousness is unique to the Laya Yoga technique.

23. Improvement of immunity (I)
In a study done with 408 subjects suffering from different infectious diseases, more than 79% have obtained, as a result of the practice of Laya Yoga technique, a diminishing of the annual number of infections. This fact suggests that the effective practice of this technique increases the immunity of the body.

24. Improvement of immunity (II)
In a study done with 156 subjects who have suffered from various allergies, 56% have obtained a diminution or even disappearance of allergic crises. This fact proves that the practice of the Laya Yoga technique normalizes the immune system.

25. Healing of insomnia
The performing of the Laya Yoga technique considerably reduces the falling asleep time for those suffering of insomnia. Used as a treatment for insomnia, the technique has the following features:
l) it is extremely simple
2) has immediate results
3) long lasting effect
4) without any side effects

26. Development of intelligence
After 8 months of study in a University, the students prove remarkable development of both verbal and nonverbal intelligence, the IQ of the tests increasing from 124 to 130. These results are even more surprising if we consider the fact that the students have started these tests having already a high level of intelligence. These results demonstrate the value of the Laya Yoga system in the development and amplification of the intellectual potential.

27. Development of potentialities
The practitioners prove a better development of their potentialities, as it is indicated by a better integration in time, autonomy, flexibility in applying values, sensitiveness toward own needs, spontaneity, an excellent sense of own value, opening toward new love relationships, and a tendency to consider human being as being essentially good (transfiguration).

28. Better order of thinking (I)
After 40 days of uninterrupted practice of the Laya Yoga technique, the subjects prove a better aptitude to organize the memorized material while a control group who have practiced only a simple relaxation have no significant results. This shows that the structuring in significant categories of the material assimilated by the practitioners occurred spontaneously. This order is done automatically even when the practitioners are involved in another activities.

29. Better order of thinking (II)
Even from the beginning of the practice of the Laya Yoga technique, it is noticed a considerably increased rapidity in solving various problems. It is significant that the memory test comes immediately after the problem solving test, so that the subjects do not have the possibility to see again the material which has been memorized previously.
These results show two aspects:
l) the efficacy in solving the problems is increasing for the practitioners.
2) while the practitioners solve the problems, the material which have been memorized previously by them is organizing spontaneously in the mind.

These results indicate that the Laya Yoga technique increases the clarity and efficacy of the conscious thinking processes while considerably improving the unconscious processes.

30. Improvement of the athletic performances.
Athletes performing the Laya Yoga technique have improved their results with 13% while the non-practitioners have improved the results only with 3% after the same period of training. Therefore, the Laya Yoga technique highly develops the coordination and the psychomotor integration.

31. Normalization of weight
Two studies have shown that the Laya Yoga technique produces a significant and long lasting normalization of the body weight. The studies have shown that:
l) overweight practitioners will have the tendency to lose same weight;
2) normal weight practitioners will have the tendency to preserve it;
3) under-normal weight practitioners will have the tendency to gain some weight;
The fact that the weight of the practitioners has the tendency to normalise take a special importance for preserving a very good health and for increasing longevity.


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