silhouette womanThe nature of woman is to bring into manifestation the impulse received from the man – the spark of consciousness.

Nowadays, woman tend to forget that it is in their nature to follow consciousness and to create the necessary environment for the seed to grow and blossom, and they are more focused on controlling the man, thus denying their own nature. In couple relationships, this tendency limits the beauty of manifested and shared true love and turns the relationship itself into a playground with strict rules which both lovers struggle to respect or to break, ending up bored, tired and unhappy. In order to grow, love needs a ground free of any limitations, where it can reveal its tremendous power, magnificence and beauty to those who share it, taking them to the heart of God. In this article we present you the first 15 fundamental differences between ignorant women, who keep looking for Prince Charming and yet are always alone, and the initiated women – initiated in tantra or in the mysteries of the transfiguring lovemaking, who know how to polarize the man they love, so that their relationship is a true embodiment of divine love.

1. Ignorant woman do not know what they want in life, they have no spiritual aspirations and do nothing in order to build a couple relationship, but they foolishly keep waiting for a man to call them. Initiated Tantric women have their own plans and aspirations and gracefully tell the man they value that he is welcomed to some activities where it is integrated that they participate together.

2. Once they finally found a man that shows interest to them, with whom they could build a couple relationship, ignorant women want to control him, suffocating the man in their life. Initiated women know the secrets of the art of fascination and maintain the chosen lover, so that “controlling” him becomes completely pointless.

3. Not having something better to do, the ignorant women systematically “check” the man who had not called them yet.
Initiated women are integrated with all their heart in spiritual activities, so that they do not become terrorized by the idea: “Oh, my God, he had not called me yet!

4. Ignorant women desperately try to chain a man, using sexuality as an exchange product. Initiated woman know that only Tantric eroticism, based on sexual continence and sublimation, through its extraordinary transforming effects, always makes a man want to unite with that Tantric woman in a spiritual couple.

5. Ignorant women either fake pleasure grotesquely, believing that this is what is required and that it will bring them appreciation, or they silently wait for the man to finish what he does there, in his selfish and often animalistic way.
In such a situation, initiated women stop, get up and get dressed and full of playfulness suggest: “We either learn the secrets of Tantric lovemaking together, or I am not the one you are looking for.

6. Ignorant women are terrified by the periods when they do not have a lover.
Initiated women transfigure this period as a valuable time in which they can make huge spiritual progress, merging directly with Shiva, the supreme lover.

7. Due to the resonance with inferior levels, ignorant women tend to ignore the so called “good guys” – beings who modestly choose beneficial resonances, but they do not make a big fuss about it - saying: “He cannot make me happy.
Initiated women, full of transfiguration and courage, ignore only the so called “bad boys” – beings that display a state of masculinity – the macho men – which in fact has a gross orientation towards superficial and often demonic aspects, opposing any transformation.

8. Ignorant women can bring the man to a state of orgasm with discharge, in superficial adventures that lead only to frustrations and suffering.
Initiated women – especially in Tantra, can bring the man to the realization of the Supreme Self, through the spiritual evolution in couple based on love, respect, transfiguration and sexual continence.

9. Due to their gregarious orientation, ignorant women are always worried that they are not good enough or beautiful enough for a certain man.
Initiated women know how to value their qualities in the continuous process of Self Inquiry, so that they become very beautiful and very good for any man.

10. Ignorant woman, lacking self-confidence, desperately try to monopolize the entire time and attention of their man with all kind of demands and moods.
Initiated women realize that they can easily offer the space their lover needs in the process of polarization and in this way the time they spend together in a couple is even more pleasant and more special. (Tantric aphorism: The waiting increases the pleasure.)

11. Not knowing what a spiritual test is and looking only for the pleasure experienced in happy moments, ignorant women despise the man who is going through a difficult period, considering him weak.

Initiated women offer support and understanding also when the couple goes through hard times.

12. Ignorant women constantly ask to be understood, protected, and helped, and keep repeating this to their man, while they hardly offer him anything.
Initiated women create the magic of delicious intimacy, where the man will mutually and spontaneously share his understanding, love, attention, tenderness, protection within their loving united couple.

13. An ignorant woman believes that the suffering experienced in the relationship with a man is only his fault. Later on, she projects an imaginary fault on all the other men that will follow, as she believes they have to pay for the mistakes of the first one. This is the process that creates trauma.
Initiated Tantric women evolve fast, learning from all the experiences of life in the couple, whether they are good or bad.

14. Ignorant women, caught in the game of their own imagination, believe that they fall in love and then they madly hunt for the object of their affection, ignoring all the signals they receive and all aspects of reality which do not fit their precious illusions.
Initiated women do everything in an integrated spiritual way; they carefully pay attention to synchronicities and mysterious signs, so that they are not fooled by the game of desire and imagination when they fall in love.

15. Hearing these statements, ignorant women will either feel attacked and will aim to judge the messenger, ignoring the wisdom of the content, or they will be touched, will find themselves in some of these descriptions and, full of aspiration, they will start the process of initiation in order to become perfect Shaktis, thus fulfilling their destiny in this life.
Initiated women, Tantric or on any other path leading to supreme realization, continuing their evolution towards the state of perfect Shakti, will also tell others about these ideas, adding new ones of practical wisdom from their own experience.

Taken from "The spiritual couple relationship", conference kept by Mihai and Adina Stoian in 2006, in Costinesti - Romania.

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