tehnici_tantriceThe exercises in this article are intended to make us aware of and amplify our bioenergetic aura.

The basis for most techniques is the stretch of the arms and/or legs, together with deep breaths. These procedures facilitate the accumulation of prana (energy), brought into the body through the breath, and the global auric expansion of the being through a supplementary energetic charge.

The techniques for becoming aware of the biomagnetic field prepare the being for more advanced techniques. This is achieved by energising and purifying the bioenergetic channels (nadis), which is also very good for stimulating blood circulation. We recommend that you perform, in each practical session, a set of four of these exercises, as these will produce an excellent auric “attuning” between two lovers.

1. An auric equalizer (harmonizer) (technique number 12 or the variant of it).
2. A technique which energizes the lower part of the aura (Technique number 17 or the variant of it)
3. A technique which energizes the middle part of the aura (any one of techniques number 13, 14 or 18)
4. A technique which energizes the superior part of the aura (techniques number 15 or the variant of it, and number 16)

In order for these techniques to be really efficient, the breath must be profound, slow, smooth, and performed consciously. We will complete every exercise for energising the biomagnetic field with an exhalation, an inhalation and a full retention of the breath.(as much as we want, 10-15 seconds).

12. Trikuti kriya. Time of execution: 3-5 minutes.

We sit facing each other in any comfortable position, with the legs crossed (Sukhasana, Padmasana, etc.). We place the hands, relaxed, on the legs, in the so-called Mudra (synchronizing gesture) of Venus (see photo 2). Coordinating our movements with those of the loved being, we inhale slowly and profoundly, bending to the front and to the right, until we touch the knee with the head (our own knee or the knee of the loved being). At the same time, we turn the head a little to the left, so that we keep constant contact with the eyes of our lover. Then we start to exhale slowly and profoundly, lifting ourselves up, and then bending to the left, until we touch the knee with the head, still maintaining eye contact with our lover. Then we inhale, and begin the movement again, this time to the right.

We continue in this way, aiming to make the movements slow and continuous; we also aim not to stop when we come into the vertical position. In doing so, we will always avoid the tendency to increase the speed in the rhythm of the movements.

Trikuti means “triangle” and Kriya means “purification technique”. This exercise purifies and harmonises the energies of the bioenergetical aura: that of our own being as well as of the couple. This exercise works also as a strong harmoniser of the energies distributed between the inferior and exterior parts, as well as between the right and the left sides of the being. Thus, it allows the awareness of the polar energies: cosmic-telluric, up-down, corresponding to the vertical polarization of our being, as well as the feminine and masculine, or Yin and Yang energies, corresponding to the left-right polarity.

The efficiency of this exercise can be much increased if we utter mentally, in synchrony with the breath, the mantra SO-HAM (SO when we inhale, HAM when we exhale).

Variant: we will make the same movements as above, but we will coordinate the breath with the movements differently: we exhale when we bend to the knees and inhale while we come back to the initial vertical posture; afterwards, we exhale bending to the other knee and then we inhale coming back to the vertical position.

Explanation regarding the Mudra of Venus:

Due to the energetic flow constantly coming and going through the hands, any change of position in the hands or fingers will change the way in which pranic energy flows through the whole body. The importance of the position of the hands is so great that it generated an entire system of Mudras (synchronizing gestures).

In the Mudra of Venus we place the hands together, with the big finger from the right hand above the index of the left hand. This Mudra creates balance between the pranic flows, known in yogi physiology, as Apana Vayu and Prana Vayu.

13. Exercise for becoming aware of and amplifying bioenergy at the level of the arms. Time of execution: 3-5 minutes.

It is performed in Vajrasana, with the arms stretched and the palms placed against the palms of the loved being, pressing them gently. Staying in this position, we take long profound breaths.

We become aware of the energising sensations in the arms and palms; the greater the intense flow of energy, the more the auric energies in the median area of the aura are amplified. Subject to preference, we can perform the exercise with the eyes open, looking in the eyes of the loved being, or with the eyes closed, for better interiorising.

14. Exercise in which we hold hands, bending backwards. Execution time: 3-5 minutes

We start from Vajrasana, keeping our knees in touch with the knees of the loved being. We hold hands and we lean backwards as far as the length of our arms allows. In unison, we will take long, profound breaths.

We become aware of the energising effects that appear in the area of the arms, shoulders and back, focusing our attention mainly on the energetic aspects, not on the physical sensations. We aim to perceive empathically the state of union between the couple. Through this state of mutual harmonisation and polar unification, we notice how the sensation of effort or discomfort disappears.

15. Exercise for lifting the arms 60° from the ground. Time of execution: 3-5 minutes

We sit in a meditation posture that allows us to touch the knees of the being we love (Vajrasana, Sukhasana). We lift the arms laterally, stretching them, until they form an angle of about 60° with the ground. Looking into the eyes of the loved being, we bring our palms together, keeping them a few cm apart. We then stretch the fingers, so that a slight, but firm, tension is created at the level of the palms and fingers. This gesture will have an effect on the flow of pranic fluids at the level of the hands whilst amplifying the biomagnetic field around the hands. We take long, profound breaths or short and fast ones.

Variant: Arms at 90°

We hold the arms parallel with the ground and we bend the elbows so that the forearms form a 90° angle with them; we then bring our palms next to the palms of our lover.

16. Exercise in which our backs touch, with the arms lifted 60° from the ground. Time of execution: 3-5 minutes.

We sit in Sukhasana, with the back straight, against the back of our lover, being careful not lean on each other. We lift the hands laterally, until they make a 60° angle with the ground. The forearms touch those of our lover’s so that we are able to hold hands with the fingers crossed. We take long, profound breaths, preferably in unison, as we become aware of the energising sensations in the arms and our auric interference at this level.

17. Exercise in which the legs are lifted and placed between the arms. Time of execution: 1-3 minutes

Sitting, with the knees bent, we place the soles of the feet so that they are in contact, as much as possible, with those of our lover. We hold hands, with the arms coming in the outer side of the legs. (This position is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight). Holding hands, we lift the legs, stretching them so that the soles of the feet are fully touching those of our lover and our hands and legs form a triangle. Keeping the legs raised, we take long and profound breaths.

Variant: We lift the legs on the outer side of the arms.

18. Fingers at the level of the chest. Time of execution: 3-5 minutes.

We sit in Sukhasana, we bring the fingers in the “mudra of clasping the fingers” at the level of the heart, where Anahata chakra is placed in the subtle level. Holding the hands at about 3-5 cm from the chest, we press them gently, as if we want to pull them towards the outside (see the Mudra for clasping the fingers below). We focus the attention at the level of Anahata Chakra. We take long and profound, or short and fast, breaths.

Variant: We perform the same Mudra, but holding the hands a few centimetres from the top of the head.

Explanation regarding the Mudra of clasping the fingers

In the Mudra of clasping the fingers, the fingers from each hand are bent and the hands are thus placed together. The hands must be open enough so that the palms are visible. One palm will be oriented towards the trunk of the body, the other one away from the body. If in this Mudra, we aim to create a degree of tension in the fingers, acting upon them as if we want to pull our hands apart, the pranic energy will start focusing even more intensely around the hands. If the palms are open (as they should be), the energy pours in to the entire aura, thus amplifying it.
Article taken from www.yogaesoteric.net
Published by Natha.net


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