passion coupleSee each other as two opposite, but complementary seasons
By Gregorian Bivolaru, Yoga Teacher

Any love relationship based on transfiguration and sexual continence is at the same time an amazing wonderful journey, in which both lovers carry in their luggage many secrets, often unexpected.

Let’s remember how happy we feel in the first stage, when we discover the small or the big secrets of the other one. Her favourite flowers or his/her favourite perfume, the colour he/she likes best, the colours that fit his/her cloths best, the almost unique smell of the skin, the softness of the hair, certain anatomical secrets specific to his/her body, certain ineffable pleasant states that we feel when we are close to him/her.

In the second stage, we feel deeply touched and enchanted by the other one’s closeness and the influence of his/her auric subtle field on our aura. We instantly feel his/her thoughts and states, when he/she is at distance and he/she thinks of us full of love and longing. Other time we guess and perceive intuitively, with anticipation that he/she will come to us unexpectedly, and then he/she shows up. We admire the way he/she sleeps, we contemplate his/her facial expression or we admire his/her sensual, charming or nonchalant position, straight or twisted, with the hands on the chest, like a saint.

All these are intimate, delicious aspects, which bring us very close to the other one and allow us to merge in a mysterious, profound and ineffable way with him/her. Above all, we are bewildered by the love and happiness that penetrates everything in the presence of the beloved being. Then, we are fascinated by the paradisiacal magic of making love to him/her, we feel his/her transfiguration and frenzy and we emphatically enjoy the states of happiness that he/she experiences. We savour voraciously, in amazement, the euphoric states that appear when we experience the avalanche effect after lovemaking.
In this way, months pass, years pass, followed by other years. The time of the two lovers passes, implacably, season after season. If they are extraordinary happy, for them, time passes extremely fast. Certain cycles succeed each other: summer, autumn, winter, spring. For the loving couples that make love with transfiguration and continence, seasons pass calmly or slowly, and for those who are extraordinarily happy, time passes extremely fast.

The two yogi lovers who are very happy are amazed by everything they have done extraordinarily in all these years, by all the beautiful memories they gathered. You must always remember that experiences – especially love experiences are the most valuable “treasures” we can take with us when we leave this world forever. Knowing this, we must always seek for wonderful states, for happiness, joy, enchantments, refined pleasures, high spiritual states, mystical experiences, love.

We should never forget that the only “treasures” we can take when we leave this world forever are the extraordinary experiences, the wonderful, overwhelming states of love. When, at a certain point, we want to make a review, we notice with surprise, together or separately, how fast and in what way the time has passed, next to the beloved being. In such moments, we notice with lucidity and detachment that, within our love relationship, eventually all that is left are the experiences, the memories and, for most superficial human beings, so many forgotten things…

Regarding the remembering of wonderful experiences, it is necessary to say that, especially in the case of the women who do not transform enough, from the spiritual point of view, when they are involved in a couple relationship, they forget that which they should remember and they remember especially that which they should forget.

In the moments when, full of lucidity and detachment, we make a review of the love relationship we are in, we should consider first of all how happy we were, how happy we are, how often we experienced together spiritual experiences, how close we got to each other, how much we awakened in our inner universe the glorious androgyny state, due to the magic, complementary presence of the other one, how good friends we have become with each other, how intimately and profoundly we merged in the different invisible subtle spheres of our beings, how empathic we have become, how much have awaken within ourselves, due to this love relationship, certain paranormal abilities, how intensely and profoundly our souls have merged.

Generally speaking, each such review made with lucidity and detachment must outline that within that love relationship there was and there still is great happiness. In the case in which, when we make the review of our love relationship, with lucidity and detachment , we notice that happiness has disappeared long time ago, being replaced by much sufferance, tensions, struggle and all kinds of torture, we can doubt the existence of the so called love couple we are involved in. In such a situation, we can doubt the existence of love, either in us or in the other human being we are together with in that relationship.

If in such moments of lucid analysis we suddenly have a state of enlightenment which makes us understand that in our so called love couple there is no love or the love has disappeared long time ago, we must stop immediately, because to carry on in this way will only nourish and amplify our masochistic tendencies. Such situations appear especially when only one of the two beings loves and the other one benefits in a vampirical way of the love that is given to her, without her feeling and manifesting love for the other one. When we face such a situation, we must realize, lucidly, that if we continue in the same inertial way to maintain such a relationship in which there is no mutual love, all we do is to prostitute ourselves. However much we love, if the other one does not love us back, such a relationship is pervert and then the human being that indulges in it becomes a prostitute.

Taken from "Essential love secrets for the yogi couples that aspire to be happy", by Gregorian Bivolaru
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''Always remember that both great loves and great successes imply most often great risks. Knowing this, dare, since fortune favors the bold.'' - Gregorian Bivolaru

''True masters of love should always perfect the art of evoking again and again the overwhelming and magic moment of the beginning in a love relationship which is based on sexual-continence and transfiguration.'' - Gregorian Bivolaru