cosmic powersPresentation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers:
The Tantric Festival 2006 kept by Natha Yogacenter was dedicated to celebrate the Eternal Feminine - the Supreme Energy of God: MAHA SHAKTI (The Great Shakti). As a gift for our web-guests, who could not participate to this extraordinary tantric camp we here publish the entire presentation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers from the camp program. Extracts from the camp program 'International Yoga symposium Vejby, Denmark 2006':
The Ten Great Cosmic Powers
short presentation by Mihai Stoian, Natha Yogacenter

Shakti means feminine power, force of nature, energy. She is the expression of the Eternal Feminine, or the Mother Deity, unifying femininity and maternity through her manifestation as the force of Nature.

In the Tantric tradition, the term Shakti defines an extraordinarily complex aspect of the universe, which bears numerous nuances. Some of these are: cosmic creative force, mother who gave birth to everything, cosmic energy, seductive woman, devoted sister, terrible power who destroys all limitations, Goddess who grants divine gifts, feminine force residing especially in beautiful, vital and spiritual women, fundamental energy Kundalini Shakti, matrix of the whole Creation.

The divine energy, Shakti, does not allow Herself to be confined in any form, formula or ritual. Solid as the earth, fluid as the water, bright as the fire, free as the air, infinite as the space, She traverses all elements belonging to this world, without acquiring the identity of any. But nevertheless the tantric tradition underlines that in order to understand Shakti one has to know Her through identification and adoration.

In her supreme form, Shakti is identified with Mahadevi or Mahamaya, the Great Goddess, the power who creates and destroys everything, often represented as the mysterious uterus from which everything emerged and into which everything dissolves.

In the tantric cosmology, the whole universe is considered to have emerged and to be permanently sustained by two forces, opposed and complementary in terms of polarity, structuring the whole range of complex phenomena: Shiva (masculine, Yang, solar) and Shakti (feminine, Yin, lunar). As Tantra says: “There is no Shiva (any form of consciousness) without Shakti (the intrinsic energy contained in that consciousness) nor Shakti without Shiva.

And to understand this more here is another aphorism: “Shiva and Shakti cannot be separated from each other exactly like the fire and its inherent power to burn”.

Maha Shakti (the Supreme Energy) exists in the Manifestation everywhere and in everything, in numberless forms and aspects but among them there are 10 most important and great essential energies from which everything that exists manifests. These are known in the secret tantric tradition as DASHA MAHA VIDYA - the Ten Great Cosmic Enlightening Visions or Feminine Powers.

Fundamental energies of this Created Universe, the Great Cosmic Powers represent the core of the Tantric tradition being in the same time an extraordinary path to reach spiritual perfection by awakening gradually all the potentialities that are hidden in our being.

The terrible force of time, the grace of endless compassion, dazzling beauty, all-comprising vision, endless courage, capacity for self-sacrifice, fascinating radiance, sublime vacuity, expressive play, intoxicating harmony... all these are different aspects of the Supreme Feminine Energy and each of them may lead you to gain control over your energies and to the experience of the Ultimate Reality.

Since Tantra is the science of gradually expanding the consciousness beyond any limits by uniting our consciousness with the Energies of Creation, it becomes clearer that the initiation in the mysteries of the main energies of Creation is the axis of this ancient spiritual path. Almost forgotten nowadays, this special initiation called DASHA MAHA VIDYA (The Great Knowledge about the Ten Cosmic Powers) is part of our school and it is revealed gradually during the years of study and practice.

In this camp, due to its special integration in a spiritual field, these revelations can be approached easily even by a beginner in spirituality.

Each day of the camp is consecrated to a Cosmic Power and, from the yoga practice in the morning until the end of the day, you are invited to stay attentive and perceive the mysterious influence of that energy. Manifested as special states and deeply significant experiences, all oriented toward the sphere of influence of that Great Cosmic Power, sudden intuitions, clarification of some aspects of your life or of your spiritual studies, amazing synchronicities, and much more might appear as a conclusion of the day. They will be more like a symphony of delicate gestures of communion with the fundamental energies of this Manifestation rather than a sterile intellectual understanding.
We wish you overwhelming Love and wonderful inspirations…

The Tantric Vision
In the Tantric vision, the Universe has a pyramidal vibratory structure. Different worlds are placed on different levels or strata. Each stratum has a definite rate of vibration and expresses a definite level of consciousness. At the top of this gigantic pyramidal structure there are certain Cardinal Foci of Energy (Vidya-s) symbolically called “Great Cosmic Powers” or “Goddesses”, which have a paramount role in creating, maintaining and resorbing the Cosmos.
The disciplines that lead to the inner communion with these Cosmic Powers are known as Maha Vidya Yoga or Shri Vidya Yoga. These are the supreme fundamental ways (paths) of profound knowledge and wisdom.
It can be said that the Ten Great Feminine Cosmic Powers (Dasha Maha Vidya-s) are the ten fundamental aspects of the Supreme Cosmic Mother’s personality. Nevertheless, each Goddess has a specific cosmic function in the universal harmony. Each of them represents a particular cosmic function and each leads to a special realization of the One and Unique Reality.
For the one aspiring to perfection the importance of the reality of SHAKTI springs out from the fact that SHAKTI is representing also the spiritual efficiency. The aspirant that awakens SHAKTI (in various forms) in his/her being is becoming highly efficient in all beneficial and spiritual actions. Without the realizing efficiency of SHAKTI it is almost impossible to succeed on the path to perfection. But to awaken SHAKTI is in the same time the direct way to awaken the consciousness – SHIVA, yet to adore SHAKTI seems much easier for many in our time.

The might of Kali, the sound force of Tara, the beauty and bliss of Sundari, the vast vision of Bhuvaneswari, the effulgent charm of Bhairavi, the striking force of Chinnamasta, the mysterious void of Dhumavati, the hypnotizing powers of Bhagalamukhi, the expressive play of Matangi and the concord and harmony of Kamalatmika are the various characteristics - the distinct manifestations of the Supreme Consciousness that has made this creation possible.

The Great Cosmic Power of Transformation - KALI
The Great Cosmic Power KALI represents, in eternity, the spiritual principle of continuous transformation, and Her cosmic actions are meant to serve the accomplishment of the Supreme Realization after the gradual unfolding of the divine possibilities in temporal succession. She is the supreme and mysterious power of Time that also helps the sincere and devoted spiritual seekers to transcend the becoming and to reach the everlasting perfection which is beyond Time.

The divine discrimination, the right action, which overcomes any obstacles and the inspired skillfulness in action are specific aspects of this Great Cosmic Power. She represents the colossal potential of the creative sexual energy, and also the amazing power of transformation that is plenary manifested through love and frantic sexuality. In the human being, she is the tremendous energy, Kundalini Shakti.

The Great Cosmic Power KALI is spontaneously loved by the brave one, by the one who ventures full of noble enthusiasm, by the courageous spiritual hero, VIRA. The VIRA’s path, VIRACHARA, is the most adequate for those who want to obtain KALI’s overwhelming grace.

The Great Cosmic Power of Compassion and Divine Grace - TARA
The Great Cosmic Power TARA is also called “The Savioress” and the “Guiding Star”. She represents the very manifestation of Divine Grace ‘saving’ her worshippers from the life in “samsara” (the ocean of illusion). Among other aspects, She emanates from the Supreme Absolute Divine Compassion. TARA is also the All-mighty power of the primordial Sound, the fundamental pranava AUM, the Word which foreruns the arising of the creation, the substance-sound, the quintessence of all the sounds, the affirmative Logos, the assertion of the creative Divinity, the source of speech, and the owner of the superior knowledge.
In the Tantric tradition TARA represents also the Cosmic Feminine Power that responds the fastest to the aspirations and the prayers of anybody who is sincerely asking for help. This aspect of the Supreme Consciousness, this Cosmic Power is the one that is the most efficient in difficult situations, when we feel lost and when we cannot find the right way by ourselves. Her function in Creation is to protect the sincere aspirant on the path and especially in difficult moments to guide him\her like a star that is guiding the sailor in darkness on the ocean.

The Great Cosmic Power of Beauty, Truth and Harmony - TRIPURA SUNDARI
The Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI represents the manifestation of Divine goodness, grace, love, beauty, truth and harmony. When happiness mirrors and manifests itself as plenary and harmoniously as possible in a certain form, its expression is Divine Beauty: the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI.

Each created form (shape) expresses a profound spiritual necessity. Becoming gradually aware of this secret reality gets us closer and closer to Atman, the final essence of each form.

TRIPURA SUNDARI is the Supreme and Primordial Wish, the perfect and endless Divine Love that animates the entire creation, the overflowing of the absolute, fundamental Happiness, The Power of Absolute Splendor.
TRIPURA SUNDARI is the Supreme Manifestation of the Almighty power of LOVE. As an absolute law of the entire Creation, Love is a manifestation of GOD. The Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI is therefore the one that is practically identical with GOD as SHIVA, with whom She is forming the inseparable Divine Couple. For this reason any harmonious and loving couple relationship is inspired and sustained by this Great Cosmic Power. For those who want to bring Love and harmony into their relationship the invocation and adoration of TRIPURA SUDARI is an essential help.

The Great Cosmic Power of Space and Divine Knowledge - BHUVANESHWARI
The Great Cosmic Power BHUVANESHWARI represents, in an ineffable way, the direct experience of the concept of the endless and all-including space. She is the Divine Mother of all the worlds and of all the realms.

The Great Cosmic Power BHUVANESHWARI is the gigantic sphere of force that creates, penetrates, maintains and nourishes the worlds. She is the omnipresent force, the thread, and at the same time the mysterious warp of the entire texture of the Creation.

The Great Cosmic Power BHUVANESHWARI allows us to access the superior, supernatural, parallel worlds, enabling us to fully experience the truths of the Cosmic Illusion Maya. From a very spiritual perspective, the Cosmic Energy of Space is nothing but the illusion of the Formless Form. Its existence is a magical Reality (sometimes deceptive), an ephemeral reflection, the Power of the Infinite Consciousness to reflect finite forms. Among other characteristics, BHUVANESHWARI also manifests the Divine Knowledge. She is the one that is framing the context of our spiritual evolution and that is arranging the favorable situations for the beginning.

The Great Cosmic Power of Discipline and Sacrifice - TRIPURA BHAIRAVI
The Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA BHAIRAVI is the gigantic energetic Sphere of Self Discipline (Tapas) and Sacrifice. The resonance with this Great Cosmic Power amplifies within the human being enthusiasm and ardent aspiration towards God.
BHAIRAVI (the Terrible) is the fire of Tapas, which allows the annihilation of the negative karma and the accumulation of the necessary energy for spiritual ‘jumps’.
The fire of aspiration raised by BHAIRAVI is the one that ceaselessly determines the human being to surpass its own limitations, the all-pervading force of the consciousness that widens, and deepens all aspects of that being.
Like the fire of Tapas, like the flame of growing aspiration, TRIPURA BHAIRAVI, the grim terror that blows in the heart of the indolent ones, burns all the miseries and weaknesses, and finally purifies the serious aspirants, making them ready to receive Divine Grace. TRPURA BHAIRAVI is the Cosmic Power that represents the exclusive focus in the present action, focus that is generating the conditions for further transformation. This vectorial power into action is the one that makes it possible to restrict our actions in moments when the spiritual “jump” is ready to take place. TRIPURA BHAIRAVI is the one that is helping the individual to transcend the limitation that is given by the selfish actions by this exclusive focus into the action that is leading to a “forgetting about the ego” and thus transcending it in the middle of the action.

The Great Cosmic Power of Courage and Transcending of the Ego - CHINNAMASTA
CHINNAMASTA is the Great Cosmic Power of endless Courage for realizing the supreme self-sacrifice: the cutting off of the mind in order to discover what is beyond it! She manifests the true spiritual heroism, boldness, bravery, temerity.
CHINNAMASTA helps to immediately overcome certain tormenting and negative resonances, such as: fear, fright, negative temptations, demonic attacks, and thus it becomes possible to achieve a heroic attitude, an attitude of divine abnegation, and self sacrifice in order to be able to transcend all these negative aspects. The divine anger (oriented against all evil but especially against the ego) is the specific energy of CHINNAMASTA, which can act instantaneously producing sudden transformations. She is known as the most efficient protector against any demonic influence. She is as well known as the most fierce enemy of the ego - which is the human’s biggest demon.
CHINNAMASTA is also the Great Cosmic Power liberating the aspirant from the state of enchainment in the gross sensuality of the physical body.
Acting as an electric energy along Shushumna Nadi, CHINNAMASTA has an important role in opening Brahmarandhra, the door of Brahma, in the very top of the head.

The Great Cosmic Power of Sublime Vacuity - DHUMAVATI
The Great Cosmic Power DHUMAVATI is the endless energetic sphere of the Ineffable and Blissful Vacuity which allows for the immediate transcendence of any sufferance.

Her specific subtle energy makes possible, among other things, the denial and the transcendence of unconsciousness, evil, ignorance, pessimism, depression, frustration, boredom, inertia, confusion, recklessness and the alchemizing of these inferior tendencies into wonderful spiritual states.

Through the ample and profound communion with DHUMAVATI’s infinite sphere of force, all the inferior aspects of the states of passive inner emptiness generated by sufferance may be very easily annihilated and sublimated into the elevated energies of the Divine, Blissful Void.

The Great Cosmic Power DHUMAVATI gives the mysterious impulse for transforming the existential feeling of emptiness into euphoric Vacuity.

The Great Cosmic Power of Fascination and Stoppage - BAGALAMUKHI
The Great Cosmic Power BAGALAMUKHI manifests the energetic sphere of Divine paralyzing fascination producing the necessary discontinuity in the flux of ephemeral becoming. This discontinuity is always needed as a gate for transcending ignorance.

Through Her grace, we are instantaneously translated into the Divine, Blissful Creative Void and we achieve the state of Divine Ecstasy, Samadhi. With the help of this Great Cosmic Power we attain, in certain special circumstances, the suspension of mental fluctuations, and the maintenance of this suspension in order to realize the fusion with the Absolute and the transcendence of the world of illusion.

The Great Cosmic Power BAGALAMUKHI confers to the aspirant the power of fascination and the gift of eloquence.

She is very helpful also for the stopping of any negative process, aspect, state. She is the Great Cosmic Power that is acting first against the negative forces and energies until we are ready to defend them. In this way She represents an aspect of Divine Grace.

The Great Cosmic Power of Universal Order and Wisdom - MATANGI
The universal order and harmony that is an expression of Divine Wisdom is manifested by the Great Cosmic Power MATANGI. She is the one that makes possible the fact that in the whole universe law is ruling in Eternity.

She makes the beauty, harmony, love and splendor of the whole Universe to exist in Eternity not as an exception from chaos but as a law from which chaos is just a temporary exception.

The Great Cosmic Power MATANGI is the Divine Wisdom that exists behind everything.

She is the power that inspires the talented writers, the inspired poets, the famous singers, the eloquent speakers and the wonderful musicians, being the source of their fascination.

In daily life she is the power that is given to the spoken word to bring harmony and peace when it is correctly used.
MATANGI should be the one adored especially by those that want to increase harmony and the state of order in their lives.

The Great Cosmic Power of Divine Fulfilment and Abundance - KAMALATMIKA
KAMALATMIKA is the Great Cosmic Power that expresses in the manifestation the completitude and the fulfillment of the Supreme in the act of creation. She is the beatific consciousness in manifestation, the spiritual lucidity, the beauty and bliss expressed in the entire creation.

KAMALATMIKA’s power is that which removes any kind of poverty: the poverty in the physical world as well as poverty in the spiritual world. She is the one that appears as the most enchanting of the Great Cosmic Feminine Powers but in the same time she is the one that disappears the fastest from the ones that are forgetting about Her.

With great generosity this Great Cosmic Power is giving gifts to Her worshipers such as: richness, joy, plenitude, enchantment, happiness, opulence, elation, ecstasy.

KAMALATMIKA is the play of consciousness full of joy and spontaneity in its display in the outside world. She is the crowning of the whole Creation that is in the end the fulfillment in the Divine Ecstasy.


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Maha Vidya Yoga: Ten Great Cosmic Powers

tarayantraPresentation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers:
The Tantric Festival 2006 kept by Natha Yogacenter was dedicated to celebrate the Eternal Feminine - the Supreme Energy of God: MAHA SHAKTI (The Great Shakti). As a gift for our web-guests, who could not participate to this extraordinary tantric camp we here publish the entire presentation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers from the camp program.


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