m0714By Elodia Thallon

”Nature is too thin a screen; the glory of the omnipresent God bursts through everywhere.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Natha’s annual Midsummer Camp in Bornholm began with a lecture on ‘The mystery of God manifested in Nature’. This lecture served as the basis for my experiences during this camp, opening me up to a world of revelation through the contemplation of Nature. In this lecture, Mihai called Nature “the fingerprint of God”. He emphasized the importance Nature plays in the spiritual life of the human being, explaining that “by observing Nature, we can transform much more quickly” and “nature is the most powerful anti-ego we know”. His words had profound effects on me, opening my eyes and my heart to this amazing natural world which surrounds us all the time, but which I’m often too busy to acknowledge, let alone contemplate. The contemplation of Nature is a gateway to the human soul and during this camp in Bornholm I was able to begin to understand this through direct experience.

Often I’m too engrossed in my indoor 10” screen world to remember Nature and her importance in my life, being unable to ‘justify’ spending time with her when too many other things have higher priority. From my experiences now in Bornholm, I can see how I avoid my Self by avoiding Nature. By ignoring Nature, we ignore the very essence of who we are and sadly I see this is the general tendency amongst our ‘civilised’ society these days. We’re so busy in our all important lives that we forget about Her, forgetting about ourselves in the process. To quote Mihai: “Going away from Nature is the human being’s moving away from God.” It is clearly an escape mechanism, because to acknowledge Her and to know Her means to acknowledge and know the most intimate aspect of our beings and to admit that there is more to life than the hustle and bustle of the materialistic world. However, the balance will be righted – naturally – and Mihai made this very clear in his lecture when he said that, “Nature has its own rhythms and we can just observe and know these rhythms to come close to God, or else the law of action and reaction will put us back in touch with Nature.” So, one way or another we simply cannot avoid the truth in the end..

On our walks through the flourishing foliage of the green paths and dales of Bornholm, I reawakened my love for Nature and began to see Her from the perspective of the soul. I started to learn the real meaning of contemplation, taking the beautiful environment into my heart and feeling how God is present in every cell of every living organism. This contemplation of Nature is actually extremely easy, as She is simply bursting with so much life and vitality, so much vibrancy and beauty, how could God not exist here!

One evening, sitting on the beach at sunset, I had a deeper realization of what Nature means to me. I felt how Nature is the centre. She is completely centred in Herself and it is around Her that everything moves. She is the Supreme Self, Atman, in manifestation, and completely at peace. In her peaceful existence, Nature is perfectly reflecting my state. When I contemplate Nature I am shown clearly how I am in that moment, She is the perfect mirror of my state of consciousness. Though there is no physical mirror, that is the interesting thing, because the mirroring process goes on inside of me. I realized then that Nature is just like my spiritual guide, who is tirelessly showing me who I am, even if I am unaware of this process. Her omnipotence humbles me and reminds me of the true meaning of my life, while helping me to surpass my limitations and expand beyond my ego-imposed boundaries. Indeed, as Mihai said, ‘One of the great teachers we have in life is Nature’.

We meditated in the mid-afternoon sun on the theme of ‘the Divine manifestation as revealed by Nature’. Perched high on the rocks, the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below combined with the heat of the sun beating down upon us, the solid earth beneath our bodies, and the soft breeze caressing our faces gave me a moment of completeness in which I felt I was one with All and could distinctly perceive the foundation of all that exists in manifestation, being made up of the five building blocks of Creation – the tattvas.

The highlight of this camp was the moment of Summer Solstice, celebrated with 2 triangulation meditations in spiral formation. These special meditations have now become a tradition for our school, being practiced every year in celebration of the moment of Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. From here on, the sun is in descent, and the light slowly decreases. Yet, it is only for the uninitiated ones that the recession of the light means the growing of darkness. For the initiates, the light does not disappear, it is simply resorbed back from where it came, moving from the outside-manifest into the inside-transcendent. Up until the Summer Solstice we experience life intensely in the outside – now we gather all these experiences into ourselves, distilling them into their essence, becoming aware of the fundamental transformations which have occurred within us, while crystallizing them.

In the triangulation meditation, the spiral which we formed was itself a part of a larger formation – this formation was made up of three similar spirals, meditating in unison, in different countries, making together the shape of a huge equilateral triangle. The reason for meditating in triangulation is that the equilateral triangle is a natural and harmonious geometric shape which increases the power which is created by its points. Any array of forces which is arranged in such a triangle will be naturally amplified, and the bigger the triangle – the greater the factor of amplification. This is one of the reasons for the mysterious power of the pyramids – each side of the pyramid is an equilateral triangle. In such a meditation, two of the points send positive energy to a third point which receives it. Due to the effect of triangulation, the effects are greatly increased and can be felt in all the points of the triangle.

The first triangle’s points were at Stonehenge, Bornholm and Italy. The second was formed by Stonehenge, and places in Germany and France. The first spiral took place as the morning glory of the rising sun lit up the world, covering the Creation in its golden amber hue. This meditation marked the moment of sunrise in Stonehenge. The second meditation was aligned with the astrological moment of Summer Solstice which began at 7am. The place in which we did this meditation in Bornholm is an ancient site called Louisenlund. The ancient inhabitants of the Island recognized the remarkableness of this place due to its powerful energetic field, and have increased this positive field by erecting stones in that area, serving as focal points for the earth energy and as lighting rods for the cosmic energy – transforming the place into a site of esoteric worship. During these spiral meditations I had a very strong perception of the circuit of energy moving through the triangle of which I was a part. From Bornholm we were emissive, meaning that we were part of the formation that was emitting energy, sending it to the others in Stonehenge who were receiving the energy. In particular, I perceived this energetic flow in my heart and I felt how all of us in the triangles were connected through our hearts. I felt a powerful state of love emanating from my being, which was then directed towards the others and in turn this energy came back to me, fulfilling me immensely. I felt the souls of the nations which participated in the triangles and how our effort benefited the awakening of the souls of these nations. The energy within the perimeter of the triangle was amplified, positively influencing all those present in this area. During the spirals I became aware of the presence of subtle entities, drawn to us by all the positive spiritual energy emanating from the meditation. The force idea of the meditations was the triumph of love and spirituality on this planet and indeed I felt that these special solstice meditations marked a moment of victory for love and spirituality on planet Earth.

For me, these three days on the magical island of Bornholm are a spiritual highlight in my life so far, marking a kind of personal victory for me, a victory of spiritual transformation and awakening to higher aspects of my reality. My heart is fuller and my soul more awakened by the all-powerful, ever-present Mother Nature.



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Yang Spiral on the occasion of the Spring Equinox

spring equinox spiralOn 20 of March 2014 took place in Natha the annual Meditation in Yang Spiral on the occasion of the Spring Equinox which marks the beginning of the Astrological Year - an important and favorable moment for meditation.
Thank you to all those who participated, and sending love to all yogis wherever you are.

Health is a state of mind


messeNatha participated in Sund Livsstil messe – 27-29 September 2013

 by Arthur Lederer

Once a year, for the last 28 years, Sund Livsstil gathers around 200 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors who come together for a weekend fair dedicated to a healthy life style.

Of course, everybody wants to be healthy. But what are we doing about it? Is it enough to just eat whatever, live however, and when the body gets sick to just go to a doctor to fix whatever is broken?


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A story from the life of Krishna

kishnachildSages quote a historical story about the conversation between the powerful king Yadava and an AVADHUTA

One day, Yadu Maharaj noticed an AVADHUTA brahman, that seemed to be very young and learnt, walking freely and self-confident. Being himself very well learnt and a good knower of the spiritual science, the king took the opportunity and addressed him: Brahman, I see you do not practice any religious activity and yet you have gained a deep knowledge upon all things and people in this world. Please tell me how did you gain this extraordinary wisdom and why do you travel freely in the world, manifesting like a child?


Krishna – the great avatar and divine teacher

 krishnaA long time ago, the world was oversaturated by useless fights between various kings, which were in fact demons pretending to have royal blood. The entire world was troubled. Then, Bhumi, the goddess of this earth, went to Brahma to tell him about the sufferance she endured due to the demoniac kings.

Brahma told her: “The great Vishnu will come on the Earth soon, endowed will all his supreme powers and he will stay here until he will fulfil his mission of destroying the demons and re-establishing faith.”


Lord Krishna and Arjuna

Lord Krishna and ArjunaThe master disciple relationship is very well represented in Bhagavad Gita, in chapter 10, where Lord Krishna reveals the infinite manifestations of his unmanifest spirit to his disciple Arjuna, and in chapter 11, where He reveals His Cosmic form, in response to Arjuna’s prayer to see what are the many aspects and forms of the Lord Himself.


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Who`s holding the remote control of your mind?

Who`s holding the remote control of your mind?

The "mind manipulation laws" seem to take reduced ability of self-determination as a reason to restrict the right of self-determination. It is clear that criminalization in the area of thought and belief threatens the open society. Democracy is founded on the axiom of self-determination. S...
Inner Silence Meditation Retreat 26. December. - 7. Januar.

Inner Silence Meditation Retreat 26. December. - 7. Januar.

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What is Yoga?

yoga postureby Gregorian Bivolaru

Yoga is an extremely complex spiritual tradition, having a history older than five thousand years.
It possesses a very rich and extensive literature.


Yoga and sexuality

cupluby Gregorian Bivolaru
The genuine yoga tradition unveils a completely different approach in love and sexuality, highly more positive and plenary, unlike the confused and grotesque vision proper to most of the western people, either intoxicated or improperly educated.


The Tantric approach of the couple relationship

sun coupleThe Tantric system is one of the best systems for the modern times, in which spiritual values are forcefully being replaced by materialism and ignorance is happening almost everywhere. Tantra is the spiritual system which, having a scientific side, manages to integrate perfection and the absolute in a practical and tangible way, staying always at the level of immediate reality, instead of sterile philosophical dissertations.


Learning sexual continence

cupluLearning sexual continence is a kind of leitmotif in a couple relationship. It comes over and over again.



Maha Vidya Yoga: Ten Great Cosmic Powers

tarayantraPresentation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers:
The Tantric Festival 2006 kept by Natha Yogacenter was dedicated to celebrate the Eternal Feminine - the Supreme Energy of God: MAHA SHAKTI (The Great Shakti). As a gift for our web-guests, who could not participate to this extraordinary tantric camp we here publish the entire presentation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers from the camp program.


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We are happy to invite you to join an outstanding international yoga symposium during this spring in Romania. Over 4,000 yogis and yoginis world wide, as well as novices to yoga, enthusiastically atte...

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  Holistic Wellness Retreat Bornholm 16-22 June Regenerate yourself deeply and give a loving gift to your body, mind and soul in this island retreat on Bornholm. Various modalities will be applie...

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10 July 2014 12:00 - 18 July 2014 06:00

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About Tripura Sundari Tripura Sundari is the third of the Great Cosmic Powers of the tantric tradition. She is the feminine embodiment of the divine beauty, harmony and supreme truth. She is also t...

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