jpNatha Yoga Center regrets to see that JP newspaper and journalist Orla Borg are continuing their campaign of defamation against the yoga school. In their article on 7th June 2009, they attained new levels of journalistic misconduct.

Since all the journalist’s accusations are false and unproven, since the article disclosed nothing new, but only repeated the same lies (following the principle that ''a lie which is repeated will eventually become credible'') and since in our earlier replies we have already provided clear, incontrovertible answers which refute all these accusations (these replies are available on we do not see any need to answer these ridiculous accusations again. Instead, we point out some pertinent questions which this article should raise in the mind of any person who is endowed with common sense:

1. Can JP and the journalist claim to be objective and impartial (which is their journalistic duty) when it is clear that they have taken sides against Natha Yoga Center? Isn't it enough that they have made grave accusations against Natha without any real proof? Yet now, after the kommune made an investigation into the matter (an investigation that the journalist himself requested) and came to the clear conclusion that there is no reason to interrupt the public support for the yoga school – instead of accepting the kommune’s decision, the journalist attacked it!

Is this an impartial media report? It is clear that the journalist himself did not do any proper investigation into the statements he makes in his article – he has not set one foot inside Natha, he has not had a real discussion with anyone from the school and he has used sources which are extremely questionable – yet when an official investigation finds him to be wrong, he has the nerve to attack those public servants who have made the inquiry. Doesn't this behavior from a journalist and a national newspaper seem to be strange (to say the least)?

2. At the beginning of the media campaign against Natha, one might have thought that the journalist was simply irresponsible and made accusations without any investigation – without checking his sources, verifying the information and asking the accused for their response. Yet two weeks have passed since then, during which time Natha Yoga Center has provided the journalist with much indisputable evidence which proves the falseness of the allegations, and still the journalist has not even altered a word of his original accusations, instead choosing to repeat them over and over again.

It seems clear that the journalist is trying to create a “public opinion”, yet he is doing so based on the opinion of three people whose opinions are seriously skewed by personal interests. Since when is a journalist the owner of public opinion? COMPLETELY failing to present the other side’s opinion is immoral and proves that there is another purpose behind the campaign. If the journalist doesn't want to hear any explanations or proof from Natha, can it still be maintained that the journalist has any interest in the truth? And if it is not the truth then we must ask, what is driving the journalist in his campaign against Natha?

3. Natha has repeatedly sent detailed and coherent replies to JP and the journalist, yet they have refused to publish them. At best, they have occasionally allowed some short lines which they have extracted from the replies of Natha and which they have manipulated in a cynical manner. JP has refused to publish Natha's reply with the excuse that it must be made according to a certain legal formal standard.


What kind of morality do these people have by asking for a standard they themselves are breaking in public??? Why didn’t they first avoid taking care of themselves with respect to the journalistic law - a law they have severely violated several times in this press campaign against the yoga school NATHA?

It is obvious that after all their journalistic misconduct, pretending that our reply has to be formulated according to some laws we don't even know, shows a ridiculous bureaucratic excuse for trying to delay and reject Natha's right to protect its name and reputation. Moreover, in the meantime they continue to repeat the same false and unfounded accusations against Natha! What can drive a newspaper to such an attitude of power driven arrogance?

What kind of guardians of the truth are they since all these FACTS show them to be more like a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”? And it’s clear that the “wolf” with this arrogant attitude is behind this whole campaign and JP is just the “sheep’s clothing”. Then we wonder: did this hand pushing the JP campaign hope that thousand of people will remain silent and obedient when some “big newspaper” says anything even if it is just a lie? From the overwhelming response we got so far it is clear that they were wrong, people can see through them.

4. Natha's coordinating teacher and other teachers were repeatedly presented in a strange way, in order to weaken their image and to drag NATHA into a public scandal. If JP was concerned so much about the public funds, why didn't they focus only upon that? This political-type campaign in which, in parallel with the facts that you want to prove for your agenda, you also try to publicly destroy the image of the leaders of your opponent, is surprising to see against NATHA YOGA CENTER. Since when did NATHA enter politics? Since when did a national newspaper use such dirty methods? Since when did a person’s private life become the ingredient for creating a scandal - as long as this life is not breaking the law in any way?

5. Isn't it enough that for the past two weeks JP has made serious accusations against Natha, based only on the statements of 3-4 questionable sources who have their own agendas against the yoga-school, but even now the newspaper even presents these baseless accusations as indisputable facts, placing them in a “summary” of the case? This is done when the accusations are completely false and lack any real evidence to support them – and the journalist knows this very well. Doesn't this seem like manipulation techniques that we know from totalitarian regimes? Anyone can find these techniques in the communist newspapers of the Eastern Europe of old. Is this the case behind the JP campaign?

After reviewing these facts and asking ourselves these questions, there is one obvious conclusion: this is clearly a DELIBERATE SET OF ACTIONS. After “connecting these dots” we can see that it is all too much to simply be a coincidence.
What we are witnessing these days is a media campaign, lead by Orla Borg and JP (representing the facade), with a specific agenda to do as much harm to Natha Yoga Center as possible and by any means necessary. Behind this facade there are some forces that we will present in future articles.

We are confident that the intelligent reader can see through the smokescreen created by the journalists, and that the truth will prevail. As a yoga school we believe that the human being is given a chance to transform and to find the truth even in the most difficult circumstances, the only condition being that we search for it.

In the end we remind you that: “while the lie has to build itself by one mask after another, the truth never changes its face”.

On behalf of Natha Yoga Center,
Sahaj Porslund, PR Executive



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Yang Spiral on the occasion of the Spring Equinox

spring equinox spiralOn 20 of March 2014 took place in Natha the annual Meditation in Yang Spiral on the occasion of the Spring Equinox which marks the beginning of the Astrological Year - an important and favorable moment for meditation.
Thank you to all those who participated, and sending love to all yogis wherever you are.

Health is a state of mind


messeNatha participated in Sund Livsstil messe – 27-29 September 2013

 by Arthur Lederer

Once a year, for the last 28 years, Sund Livsstil gathers around 200 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors who come together for a weekend fair dedicated to a healthy life style.

Of course, everybody wants to be healthy. But what are we doing about it? Is it enough to just eat whatever, live however, and when the body gets sick to just go to a doctor to fix whatever is broken?


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A story from the life of Krishna

kishnachildSages quote a historical story about the conversation between the powerful king Yadava and an AVADHUTA

One day, Yadu Maharaj noticed an AVADHUTA brahman, that seemed to be very young and learnt, walking freely and self-confident. Being himself very well learnt and a good knower of the spiritual science, the king took the opportunity and addressed him: Brahman, I see you do not practice any religious activity and yet you have gained a deep knowledge upon all things and people in this world. Please tell me how did you gain this extraordinary wisdom and why do you travel freely in the world, manifesting like a child?


Krishna – the great avatar and divine teacher

 krishnaA long time ago, the world was oversaturated by useless fights between various kings, which were in fact demons pretending to have royal blood. The entire world was troubled. Then, Bhumi, the goddess of this earth, went to Brahma to tell him about the sufferance she endured due to the demoniac kings.

Brahma told her: “The great Vishnu will come on the Earth soon, endowed will all his supreme powers and he will stay here until he will fulfil his mission of destroying the demons and re-establishing faith.”


Lord Krishna and Arjuna

Lord Krishna and ArjunaThe master disciple relationship is very well represented in Bhagavad Gita, in chapter 10, where Lord Krishna reveals the infinite manifestations of his unmanifest spirit to his disciple Arjuna, and in chapter 11, where He reveals His Cosmic form, in response to Arjuna’s prayer to see what are the many aspects and forms of the Lord Himself.


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Who`s holding the remote control of your mind?

Who`s holding the remote control of your mind?

The "mind manipulation laws" seem to take reduced ability of self-determination as a reason to restrict the right of self-determination. It is clear that criminalization in the area of thought and belief threatens the open society. Democracy is founded on the axiom of self-determination. S...
Inner Silence Meditation Retreat 26. December. - 7. Januar.

Inner Silence Meditation Retreat 26. December. - 7. Januar.

For info & sign up visit:

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What is Yoga?

yoga postureby Gregorian Bivolaru

Yoga is an extremely complex spiritual tradition, having a history older than five thousand years.
It possesses a very rich and extensive literature.


Yoga and sexuality

cupluby Gregorian Bivolaru
The genuine yoga tradition unveils a completely different approach in love and sexuality, highly more positive and plenary, unlike the confused and grotesque vision proper to most of the western people, either intoxicated or improperly educated.


The Tantric approach of the couple relationship

sun coupleThe Tantric system is one of the best systems for the modern times, in which spiritual values are forcefully being replaced by materialism and ignorance is happening almost everywhere. Tantra is the spiritual system which, having a scientific side, manages to integrate perfection and the absolute in a practical and tangible way, staying always at the level of immediate reality, instead of sterile philosophical dissertations.


Learning sexual continence

cupluLearning sexual continence is a kind of leitmotif in a couple relationship. It comes over and over again.



Maha Vidya Yoga: Ten Great Cosmic Powers

tarayantraPresentation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers:
The Tantric Festival 2006 kept by Natha Yogacenter was dedicated to celebrate the Eternal Feminine - the Supreme Energy of God: MAHA SHAKTI (The Great Shakti). As a gift for our web-guests, who could not participate to this extraordinary tantric camp we here publish the entire presentation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers from the camp program.


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14 April 2014 12:00 - 21 April 2014 17:00

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Paradise Retreats center Store Torøje @

This initiation presents a unique synthesis between the modern view of spirituality empowered by recent scientific discoveries regarding the mysteries of the Universe and the universal spirituality wh...


30 April 2014 00:00 - 11 May 2014 23:00

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Hercullane, Romania @

We are happy to invite you to join an outstanding international yoga symposium during this spring in Romania. Over 4,000 yogis and yoginis world wide, as well as novices to yoga, enthusiastically atte...

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16 June 2014 12:00 - 22 June 2014 18:00

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Bornholm @

  Holistic Wellness Retreat Bornholm 16-22 June Regenerate yourself deeply and give a loving gift to your body, mind and soul in this island retreat on Bornholm. Various modalities will be applie...

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10 July 2014 12:00 - 18 July 2014 06:00

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Paradise Retreats center Store Torøje @

About Tripura Sundari Tripura Sundari is the third of the Great Cosmic Powers of the tantric tradition. She is the feminine embodiment of the divine beauty, harmony and supreme truth. She is also t...

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''Follow persistently the rule of the 3 'R's: Respect yourself, Respect the others, Responsibility for your actions.'' - Gregorian Bivolaru

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