elfScandinavian myths – Elfs
They live among us

 Who are the elves?

Fantastic creatures of German mythology, elves also survived in North-European folklore. It is considered that they originally were a race of gods of nature and fertility.

They are depicted as young women and men, short in height and very beautiful. They live in forests and other places in nature, underground, in springs or rivers. They live much longer in comparison to humans, never grow old and have magical powers.

Scandinavian mythology speaks of elves of light inhabiting the third sky, the dark and black elves. The last ones are skilful smiths and German mythology mistakes them for dwarfs. An example of such elves experts in the art of metal transmutation and processing are the Nibelung.

The elves from Scandinavian mythology survived especially as shining, beautiful women living in the forest, ruled by an elf king. It is said that they can be seen at night, dancing through the clearing. Fairy dances leave circular marks in the grass, which are often associated with crop circles. If a human being looks at their dance, time is so compressed that years turn into hours. This phenomenon is also reflected in Tolkien’s work, “The Lord of the Rings” when the characters go searching for ring and reach the Kingdom of the Elves, Lothlorien where they see that time flows much slower than in the physical world. Actually, Tolkien’s elf characters are inspired from Scandinavian and Celtic mythology.

elf queenTestimonies

 Brynjolfur Snorrason (farmer and healer)
“When I was a child, I used to play with elves and … with the spirits of those who had died. I was different from the children my age so I never actually spoke about it. My children also feel great when they are with invisible beings. One of them always plays with his twin brother who has died. I can clearly see them both. All my six children are clairvoyants. In relation this, I believe that the parents’ attitude is decisive. If you tell your children there is no such thing as clairvoyance, this aptitude will not develop. I sometimes happen to mistake this world for the other. So just in case, in order for people not to think I am crazy, my wife forbade me from ever speaking in public with the invisible entities. Some of them look like humans, others are but coloured shapes.”

Joga Johannsdottir (masseur)
“I was 11 at the time walking on a hill, when I saw a woman disappearing into a stone. She was normally proportioned, but no taller than a 6 year old child. I never tried to persuade anyone that what I had seen was real.”

Gudrun G. Bergmann (writer and tourist guide)
“According to mediums, one of these two rocks represents a church of the invisible beings and the other one is a library. Ancient creatures live here. Last summer I was mediating before the library rock. I saw a small being coming out of the rock. He looked like Yoda from Star Wars, with a large head, which is the symbol of wisdom. He is the keeper of the knowledge inside the stone. The secret of Iceland resides within nature, a huge book that we need to decode.

A multi-dimensional city
According to surveys, 10% of Icelanders are convinced that they share Iceland with the elves, another 10% deny these ideas, while the majority of 80% consider the existence of invisible beings as a possibility worthy of taking into consideration. Hafnarfjordur, a small harbour near the capital, Reykjavik, seems to be the place where people live in complete harmony with these subtle beings.

They contacted Erla Stefansdottir, piano teacher and clairvoyant, to draw them a more special map. Thus one of the tourist attractions of the small Icelandic harbour is a walk to the “elves’ houses”. Hafnarfjordur mayor, Magnus Gunnarsson, seemed proud of the document which certifies the invisible world from the city he runs. Very delighted with their nice neighbours, he declared that “in this way, tourists will be able to discover that in our town, together with its ordinary inhabitants, live also supernatural beings”.

elf flowerWhen she was asked how was it possible for both men and elves to live in the same space, clairvoyant Erla explained that the world has many dimensions. For example, she says “in a mountain forest, all sorts of creatures may live: elves, gnomes, dwarves and fairies. They are not observed by people because their frequency of vibration is different from ours, corresponding to the ethereal or, sometimes, astral plane. It is possible even for these beings, most often inaccessible to ordinary human sight, to not perceive one another because of their level of different vibration.”

But Erla has seen the elves ever since she was a child and was convinced that is something natural. “Until they are 6-7 years old, children see more than adults do. I believe that many of them have invisible playmates, but do not realize they are elves.”

A 9 year old girl, Audur Gudmundsdottir tells convincingly of the way she plays with elves, which are about half her height. One day she fell as she was playing outside and a female elf opened the door to her house in a large rock and gave her a spiral cookie to eat, and a very unusual banana juice to drink. Audur is happy to describe her friends who she says are very discreet, as they only come out at night and never during the day. The mother, whom the girl brought a key to the elves house as proof, a small metallic, notched object, does not exclude the possibility that the little girl’s stories are true.

Article from Revista Misterelor magazine


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Yang Spiral on the occasion of the Spring Equinox

spring equinox spiralOn 20 of March 2014 took place in Natha the annual Meditation in Yang Spiral on the occasion of the Spring Equinox which marks the beginning of the Astrological Year - an important and favorable moment for meditation.
Thank you to all those who participated, and sending love to all yogis wherever you are.

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messeNatha participated in Sund Livsstil messe – 27-29 September 2013

 by Arthur Lederer

Once a year, for the last 28 years, Sund Livsstil gathers around 200 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors who come together for a weekend fair dedicated to a healthy life style.

Of course, everybody wants to be healthy. But what are we doing about it? Is it enough to just eat whatever, live however, and when the body gets sick to just go to a doctor to fix whatever is broken?


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A story from the life of Krishna

kishnachildSages quote a historical story about the conversation between the powerful king Yadava and an AVADHUTA

One day, Yadu Maharaj noticed an AVADHUTA brahman, that seemed to be very young and learnt, walking freely and self-confident. Being himself very well learnt and a good knower of the spiritual science, the king took the opportunity and addressed him: Brahman, I see you do not practice any religious activity and yet you have gained a deep knowledge upon all things and people in this world. Please tell me how did you gain this extraordinary wisdom and why do you travel freely in the world, manifesting like a child?


Krishna – the great avatar and divine teacher

 krishnaA long time ago, the world was oversaturated by useless fights between various kings, which were in fact demons pretending to have royal blood. The entire world was troubled. Then, Bhumi, the goddess of this earth, went to Brahma to tell him about the sufferance she endured due to the demoniac kings.

Brahma told her: “The great Vishnu will come on the Earth soon, endowed will all his supreme powers and he will stay here until he will fulfil his mission of destroying the demons and re-establishing faith.”


Lord Krishna and Arjuna

Lord Krishna and ArjunaThe master disciple relationship is very well represented in Bhagavad Gita, in chapter 10, where Lord Krishna reveals the infinite manifestations of his unmanifest spirit to his disciple Arjuna, and in chapter 11, where He reveals His Cosmic form, in response to Arjuna’s prayer to see what are the many aspects and forms of the Lord Himself.


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Who`s holding the remote control of your mind?

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Inner Silence Meditation Retreat 26. December. - 7. Januar.

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What is Yoga?

yoga postureby Gregorian Bivolaru

Yoga is an extremely complex spiritual tradition, having a history older than five thousand years.
It possesses a very rich and extensive literature.


Yoga and sexuality

cupluby Gregorian Bivolaru
The genuine yoga tradition unveils a completely different approach in love and sexuality, highly more positive and plenary, unlike the confused and grotesque vision proper to most of the western people, either intoxicated or improperly educated.


The Tantric approach of the couple relationship

sun coupleThe Tantric system is one of the best systems for the modern times, in which spiritual values are forcefully being replaced by materialism and ignorance is happening almost everywhere. Tantra is the spiritual system which, having a scientific side, manages to integrate perfection and the absolute in a practical and tangible way, staying always at the level of immediate reality, instead of sterile philosophical dissertations.


Learning sexual continence

cupluLearning sexual continence is a kind of leitmotif in a couple relationship. It comes over and over again.



Maha Vidya Yoga: Ten Great Cosmic Powers

tarayantraPresentation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers:
The Tantric Festival 2006 kept by Natha Yogacenter was dedicated to celebrate the Eternal Feminine - the Supreme Energy of God: MAHA SHAKTI (The Great Shakti). As a gift for our web-guests, who could not participate to this extraordinary tantric camp we here publish the entire presentation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers from the camp program.


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About Tripura Sundari Tripura Sundari is the third of the Great Cosmic Powers of the tantric tradition. She is the feminine embodiment of the divine beauty, harmony and supreme truth. She is also t...

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