astral-projectionBy yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

In reality, the astral world is a gigantic, mysterious, subtle parallel universe that transcends entirely any of our limited conceptions about another world. It encompasses both the “heavens” as well as the infernos. The one with the awakened ability to perceive this world, meaning the “forth” (astral) dimension, discovers paradisiacal realms of an amazing beauty. The beings from the elevated levels of the astral are of an overwhelming kindness, harmony and cuteness.

An earthly being that wishes to access through astral projection the high spheres of the astral must have an elevated frequency of vibration of his auric energies, otherwise she might face the destination point of an astral travel to areas with gloomy and frightening scenery. Saints, advanced yogis, clairvoyants, wise men and prophets often tell about their travels to such paradisiacal places that never existed on physical geographic map of the earth and they describe the wonderful beings they met.

The natural place of the astral body is the astral universe. During sleep, the astral body of a person can sometime separate in a perfectly conscious way from the physical form and then travel instantly in the astral universe, at hundreds, even billions of light years, visiting in this way the mysterious sublime worlds. The physical’s body desire to sleep can be explained also by the natural need the astral body feels to separate from the limits imposed by the flesh in order to recharge with energy, love, sublime states, information and images.

Traveling to the mysterious astral worlds helps us to contact in a deep level wonderful beings, spiritually evolved entities, to meet the dear ones that “death” had taken apart from us, to know other life forms, to visit stunning landscapes of a richness and refinement that are far beyond the most vivid imagination. Astral traveling teaches us that in reality there is no “death”, but only a “passing” to another realm, that after leaving the physical body forever, we go towards those spheres of the astral level to which we have great affinities.

Sometimes we suffer for a being that was very dear to us and died. We mourn that being as if nothing is left of her besides some recollections stored in the depths of our memory. Nevertheless, the respective being continues to see us, to hear us, to understand us and to love us. She can often visit us, coming to our home from the astral dimension. But most often we cannot see her, as we also cannot see the entities or, in other words, the beings of light that come from the superior levels in order to guide us, to inspire us, to protect us and to support us in the difficult moments of our lives.

Nobody doubts any longer the existence of the astral

The astral universe has existed and exists, but not everybody has access to it, even if, theoretically, anyone can reach there.
In psychology there is the tendency to classify astral phenomena as states of delirium, crisis of hysteria or double personality. In a certain way, it is correct: because there are people who strongly believe that they astral project and in reality they suffer psychic disorders that require an adequate treatment. There are also people who mistake the dream for astral projection techniques; in this case it is mostly about a certain lack of discernment.

Nevertheless, besides the special cases, we can easily have a healthy body and mind and experience astral projection into the astral universe, either spontaneously or with the use of certain techniques.

Who can astral project?

Theoretically, anyone can have this experience. Even animals, during sleep, travel to certain astral worlds. The possibility to access the astral levels of existence is not necessarily connected to special, innate abilities. It can be achieved by anybody, through perseverant and systematic practice. If we persevere, we can attain a perfect control upon the process of separating the subtle body from the physical one. Some will probably need longer time; but others, on the contrary, can achieve fast progresses, due to their performances accomplished in previous lives.
There is also a range of factors that can accelerate or, by the opposite, can stop this spiritual accomplishment: life style, food, the predominant quality of thoughts and emotions, etc. Even though, in general, any one can astral project, the practice of these techniques is never recommended to people with psychic disorder or to those suffering from heart disturbances, to pregnant women (starting from the 7th month of pregnancy), to women during their menstruation, to people over 60 years old (except when they have already started this practice many years ago).

In conclusion, it can be said that any balanced and mentally well centered person can astral project at any time she pleases, with the condition of respecting strictly the laws regarding astral projection: absolute relaxation, deep inner calm, breath control and outer silence.

Are there people with better skills for this experience?

Indeed, some people manifest from the very beginning more skills in this direction then others. But this is not a disappointing reason for those who do not have immediate results. Perseverance in training will eventually bring the reward: perfect control of these astral projection techniques.

The art of astral traveling is not like a sport competition; it is better to compare it to the image of a child that learns how to walk. For as long as he cannot walk, he will have to persevere and at one moment he will succeed.

How does astral projection take place?

We can go out of the physical body either consciously, at will, or spontaneously, almost without wanting it. Conscious astral traveling is usually done using certain techniques. Some strongly use self-suggestion, the induction of certain states of trance or certain hallucinogenic substances. We advise you to not use such methods. The real masters of astral traveling do not need these artificial methods in order to become able to control perfectly the phenomena (process) of astral projection.
We can recognize that a real spontaneous astral projection took place in the moments we notice, with surprise, that we are no longer in our physical body. This can be done most frequently during sleep or in serious cases of bodily accidents, when breathing difficulties or the loss of consciousness appears. Nowadays are well know the out-of-body experiences of people who had a clinical death and who later on could describe in detail all the interventions done in order to bring them back to life.
Generally, either it is about a spontaneous or voluntary exit, whatever the technique used, there always takes place a certain dissociation of the physical body from the subtle one. Then, the latter can reach a certain place on the Earth, being able to see and to hear anything that takes place there, or to pass through a kind of vibrating tunnel that makes the connection with the astral universe. This tunnel was described by almost all those who had a near death experience. At the end of it there is a soft light, hard to describe in words.

In fact, this tunnel is not only one, but we actually speak of a succession of tunnels. They lead either to that light or towards different astral worlds (spheres) or realms called, in the Christian tradition, “paradises” or “infernos”.

To which subtle level can we travel?

Almost anywhere! If we wish, we can have a somewhat terrestrial destination, so that it is possible for us to astraly visit our beloved one or a person who is sick, or a certain place where we cannot afford to go…

Also, by astral projection we can enter different astral spheres (worlds) to which we have automatic access, due to our lower or higher degree of inner elevation. There are some astral spheres where we have limited access (only certain beings can enter these places, such as, for example, the akashic library), and others are forbidden to those who have not reached the highest level of spiritual evolution.

In order to avoid unpleasant, even traumatizing situations, namely astral traveling to infernal parallel worlds, it is absolutely necessary that before starting the experiences of astral projection, we make sure that we are healthy and harmonious, physically as well as psychically, mentally and emotionally.

How do we travel in the parallel worlds?

The initiates in certain secret aspects of the yoga system use successfully the chakras in order to instantly enter certain mysterious worlds of the astral universe, which are different from each other through the frequency of vibration of their wave length. Then, the access can be easier with the help of the awakening and controlled ascension of the fundamental energy Kundalini through Sushumna Nadi, from one force center to the other, starting from the lowest parallel world and reaching the most elevated astral world which is accessible to us only if we succeeded to awaken well enough the highest force center.

Traveling in the mysterious parallel worlds of the astral can be done: as quick as “lightening”, where the road to the astral is crossed in zig-zag, or as an “arrow of light”, when the road is as straight as the trunk of a tree or as the “burning snake”, when the respective person jumps immediately into the astral and then moves like a snake.

Whom can we meet in our out-of-body experiences?

The astral tunnel is the “highway” that takes to various astral spheres (parallel universes). Usually, this is done according to the predominant vibratory “affinities” of the being doing the trip to such realms. In these worlds we can then meet a recently deceased friend or relative, we can also meet fabulous animals that do not exist on the Earth, but only in certain astral spheres, or even an animal that is very dear to us in our terrestrial life. We can also meet authentic or fake spiritual guides, our guardian angel, etc.

Some advanced yogis often meet other advanced yogis in the astral in order to experience in this way, being perfectly conscious, certain spiritual, psychic or mental states, and most of the times when they come back they notice that they have experienced the same experiences being perfectly lucid.

The advanced yogi adept that controls very well the state of astral projection can meet daily or weekly and make love with continence with the beloved one (who is also able to astral project) with whom he or she has a complete emotional and erotic relationship in the physical level. In some cases, advanced yogis can have astral lovemaking relationships with beings of the opposite sex which they help to astral project and only after months or even years will meet and become lovers in the material, physical world.

For how long does an out-of-body experience last?

Doctors can state precisely the time interval from the moment the clinical death of a person is installed until that person wakes up, coming back into her physical body. This can vary from a few seconds to more hours. In the case in which the person that makes the astral trip (of course, against her or his will this time) is in a coma, the out-of-body experience can last for weeks or even moths.[]=364
Another criterion that helps us estimate the length of the astral trip is the subjective one, namely how long time did the respective person felt she spent in the astral world or worlds where she travelled. Thus, in some situations we can have the impression that we were gone for hours and in fact we only left the physical body for a few minutes, according to terrestrial time.

The silver cord or thread

During the astral travel, the subtle body (with which we actually make the trip) stays constantly connected to the physical body through a mysterious substance, or, to be more precise, a fluid that looks like a thread of a silver color. To the initiates this is known as the “silver cord”. What is specific to this cord is that it can stretch for very long distances. It can be broken only in the case of astral suicide (when the respective person no longer wants to come to the physical body), in the case when the physical body dies (which can be due to old age, illness or accident), or in the case of a victorious attack from an entity from the infernal realms - this can be only if we accepted to go to such a place after the astral projection.

The return to the physical body

The return from the place we are in the astral universe and the reintegration in the physical body if often done very easy: it is enough to follow the silver cord backwards.
This return can be easy or difficult, according mainly on the subject that has the experience. If, emotionally and mentally that person is healthy, harmonious and balanced, with a very good integration in her active role in this incarnation on Earth, things will run smoothly, similar to the situation when we wake up in the morning, with a good mood, after an excellent restful night. If, on the contrary, the person has a fragile mental and psychic balance, who does not feel too good being herself in her everyday life and for whom the astral projection is only a way to escape from daily reality, the return into the body can be very difficult. Such a person will even be tempted to decide to never come back. In such a case, she herself will break the silver cord that connects her to her physical body. Generally, in such cases, the physical body will have a heart attack which will “explain” to the doctor the sudden death of the respective person.

This is why the astral projection cannot be done anyhow and by anybody, and this also explains why a proper training of self-shaping is absolutely necessary before starting off for such an adventure.

Taken from Yoga Magazin no 11


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