chromotherapyBy Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

At first glance, healing with colors seems the subject of a sci-fi movie. And yet, this is the reality. Pains caused by arthritis can be  diminished to the maximum by irradiating the back of the neck with a red colored light, for 20 minutes. With a “relatively” similar recipe one can treat burns, asthma, cellulites, the injuries from a traumatism, hemorrhoid crisis, the state of irritability, psychic depression, etc.

Therapy with the help of colors is a simple treatment method (all it takes is a lamp and a colored filter), it is natural, efficient and very revolutionary. The French doctor Christian Agrapart says: “It is a form of energetic medicine, based on directing to the ill or painful area a colored ray of light, according to the affection. Each color stimulates the rehabilitation of the energetic balance in the affected area. The colored ray does not act through its power of penetration, but through its ability to integrate itself into the body’s defense mechanism. It does not aggress the body, as it is the case with medicines, but rather it induces a greater ability to fight a disease (a reaction)”.

Chromotherapists can already bring many healing cases as a proof, but it can be used successfully also in everyday life. Do you know, for example, that if you are a person who often goes through depressive states, you should wear as often as possible red colored clothes, in order to make these ridiculous states disappear? But, if you have digestion problems, it will be very good to prefer the use of yellow in your outfits. Green will be extremely useful if you wish to remove insomnia without sleeping pills.
By applying any of these recommendations, you will spontaneously make use of one of the most ancient medical practices: color therapy or Chromotherapy.
The symbols of colors have been known since the most ancient times and the significance of most colors has remained unchanged.

In Ancient Egypt, the famous God Thot was the master of colors and he used them one by one or in a fascinating combination, in order to awaken, amplify or maintain the latent spiritual abilities in most ignorant and narrow minded human beings.
Through the Yellow color, Goddess Isis awoke and amplified the spiritual abilities of a human being. But, the vital force of action was developed by the Red color of God Osiris.

In our case, ultraviolets needed a complete scientific confirmation. The Greeks and the Romans had discovered and used ultraviolets long before we did and they used them with an extraordinary efficiency. At a careful analysis, this was only a particular form of color therapy.

In their diagnosis, the Chinese have used and still use the certain indications connected to color (color of skin, eyes, tongue, etc.)

Indians have fully contributed to the discovery and spreading of the most important natural therapies. In this way, from the Indians we have inherited certain perfectly natural and famous therapy methods, many of which often use medical herbs, vegetables, fruits, cereals, diet, massages, certain procedures for inner cleansing, controlled and focused breathing, different contractions done at the level of certain bodily areas, various physical postures meant to determine both the therapeutic effects as well as certain spiritual states and… even colors.

Due to the Indians, who practiced various Yoga techniques, it was possible to find out for the first time and to establish precisely the intimate relationships between the different colors and the seven essential centers of the human body which, in yogi tradition, are called chakras or secret foci of the subtle macrocosmic energies, existing in the being, through which an unsuspected range of paranormal phenomena becomes possible.

When they are well dynamized, these main chakras act in unison and accumulate luminous subtle energies, of different colors, which then they modify according to the specific of the being, distributing them in our inner universe. At the same time, by resonance, they put into action the plexus of each chakra. Therefore, it is obvious that each of the seven chakras has a predominant correspondent in one of the seven basic colors of the white light spectrum, decomposed through a transparent prism.

In the case of a disturbance or malfunction determined in many situations by a weak energization of the respective force center (chakra), it is enough to dynamize and charge as much as needed the body part corresponding to the respective Chakra.
In a way, color reigns over the entire nature and for us, people, according to specialists, colors identify with life. In a monochromatic universe, our life would stop. Between the colors surrounding us and, respectively, our psychic state, surprising correlations are established.
Most people’s favorite color is blue. Then, the order follows: red, orange, yellow and cold colors: indigo, blue and violet. Green is the only neutral color (it is not warm nor cold). The first ones favor the processes of adaptation, having stimulant effects upon us, while the colors from the second group have inhibiting, neutralizing, sedative virtues.

Colors ability to reflect light is variable. Below there are some examples of colors and the light proportion reflected by them: white and cream 70 - 80%, light green 57%, dark blue 40%. It is obvious that the more a room is painted in colors that reflect light, the brighter that room will be.  But also furniture has a role in producing this effect. for instance, oak wood reflects 30-50% of light and walnut tree wood reflects 10 - 20%.
The psychological effects of colors have been proven in the last years by many specialists. Thus, red is an active, dynamic color, exalting enthusiasm, orange awakens joy and good mood, green has calming effects, dark grey evokes monotony and sadness, etc.

While studying the influence of colors upon the human body, a group of researchers from the Polytechnic Institute in Budapest have reached certain interesting and unexpected results. Tests done on blindfolded people, placed in different chromathic environments have showed that the heart beat, blood pressure and even body temperature change according to the changes in the colored environment. In the case of bright red, heartbeat accelerates; in a yellow  environment, heartbeat intensifies in a slower rhythm; on the other hand, in the case of all shades of blue, the heartbeat slows down and all subjects have manifested sleepiness. Researchers explain this phenomenon through the action of electromagnetic oscillations that modify in rapport with the change of the chromathic environment.

The world of color puts an imprint on our clothes, on food, as well as it interferes directly in interior design, in architecture, medicine, cosmetics. Human psychic balance needs the entire range of colors that nature offers us and, not accidentally, we image many new color combinations.

The importance of colors in some situations

There are many easy and handy methods for using colors both for improving health as well as for harmonizing our being in many directions. Colors can also be used in order to induce and maintain a state of complete happiness, for awakening the latent potentialities of the being, as well as for accelerating our spiritual evolution.


According to the situation and the state we have to deal with predominantly, we can choose our clothes according totally to the characteristics of each color and, of course, according to our own necessities, which we aim to satisfy. This can be done by anyone, in this case avoiding colors with negative effects.

Precious stones

They also have extraordinary virtues. The major inconvenience in their case is the price that, unfortunately, does not allow anybody to adapt to one's needs the precious stone the color of which would be beneficial.

Colored bottles

It is enough to have some ordinary bottles, already made in a certain color, which fit our intention. Such a colored bottle, having of course the color we wish, will be filled with drinkable water and then it will be placed in the sunlight for as long as possible, with a lid on. Instead of any other water, we will drink this water. If we do not succeed to find bottles in the color we need, we can use transparent bottles, wrapped in cellophane of the adequate color.

Chromotherapy lamp

Any strong lamp used by photographers in photo labs, which is  closed tightly and to which one can attach different colored filters according to our needs. When we use it, we will attach to it a filter of colored glass, according to the effect we aim for.
We will place ourselves in this adequate light from 20 minutes to 3 hours daily. Obviously, the filters for this lamp must be changed according to the chosen color.
If we have, we can also use a slide projector with a bulb of 150 - 400 watts.
In this case, it will of course be attached in the outside, above the objective, either a filter glass in the right color, or photographic filters, according to the existent colors, fully adapted to our needs.
If we do not have a slide projector, we can even use a convergent condensing magnifying glass, aiming to point its focus especially on the affected area. Naturally, in this case, in front of the focus we will put a glass - filter of a color that fits the situation we want to treat.

In the light of traditional information about chromotherapy, the failure of many treatments for certain affections comes from the blockage and stagnation of vital energy at the level of the plexuses mentioned above. In other cases, the weak dynamization of these plexuses generates a state of devitalizing that attracts a range of disturbances, due to lack. In other cases, the energizing of different levels of the being is unequal, some plexuses are overcharged and generate predominances, and this leads to unbalances and even affections.

Using Chromotherapy intelligently, after having become distinctly aware of our lacks and predominances, we will succeed to rebalance the being, compensating the different levels that have been affected due to stagnation or poor dynamizing, by energizing the correspondent plexus through direct exposure of the respective area to certain colored, more or less intense, irradiations.

Initially, it is necessary to have a health check-up, using the indications given by colors, because when it is done correctly it will allow us to evaluate the vital potential both within us as well as in a human being we wish to help, thus estimating the possibilities for recovering.
Making this analysis correctly will also allow us to outline or to perceive intuitively the organic or psychic causes of the unbalance.

The universal method used for healing through chromotherapy is the projection of colored radiations focused, according to our lacks, upon the naked body. If we wish to have accelerated results, we will focus these high intensity radiations, in the necessary color, upon the affected area, organ or part, especially if we aim for relaxation.
Equally, we will use irradiations through pointed focus upon certain plexuses when it is about unblocking the stagnating or inertial energy, especially when we wish to heal certain precise affections.
The exposure is done directly on naked skin, unless there are other counterindications; nudity is necessary. In some cases it is possible to treat more plexuses at the same time, through focused irradiations, using two or more projectors with different colors, especially in the case of a profound unbalance.

In the cases when two different colors are recommended for the same illness, we will use them in turns,not simultaneously. In this case, after the treatment with one color, we will use another one. The use of more focused colors simultaneously is done in the case we treat the unbalance of more plexuses, especially in serious disturbances.

Taken from the book “Chromotherapy”, by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru?


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