Maha Vidya Tripura Bhairavi Camp, Brasov, Romania, June 2014

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Natha yoga is making the ancient tantric yogi tradition now available to the west and east. In our centers it is presented in a very accessable and pragmatic way so it can easily be integrated into our daily life and is giving profound results.
Here you can read about all the courses in this tantric yogi tradition that are available in different countries around the world, as well as tons of spiritual articles in our "Yogapedia".


 Pictures from the Krishna retreat in Paradise retreat center Easter 2014



Natha News

Yang Spiral on the occasion of the Spring Equinox

spring equinox spiralOn 20 of March 2014 took place in Natha the annual Meditation in Yang Spiral on the occasion of the Spring Equinox which marks the beginning of the Astrological Year - an important and favorable moment for meditation.
Thank you to all those who participated, and sending love to all yogis wherever you are.

Health is a state of mind


messeNatha participated in Sund Livsstil messe – 27-29 September 2013

 by Arthur Lederer

Once a year, for the last 28 years, Sund Livsstil gathers around 200 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors who come together for a weekend fair dedicated to a healthy life style.

Of course, everybody wants to be healthy. But what are we doing about it? Is it enough to just eat whatever, live however, and when the body gets sick to just go to a doctor to fix whatever is broken?


Latest additions

Summer Soul : Retreat for awakening the Spiritual Heart – day 2

 IMG 2998Summer Soul –day 2: 5th July 2014

Daylight comes early, the garden of Paradise passing from darkens into light, first sun-beams kissing the tents in the camping area. A few early risers go out to the beach to enjoy the peaceful dance of the waves.

The program begins at 8.30 for a morning yoga practice. After an energizing and heart opening session of yoga we share a breakfast lovingly prepared by the staff of Ambrosia – a renowned vegetarian restaurant located in Concordia – Natha’s Copenhagen Yoga center. I can honestly say that I never ate Musly this good before. Later I bother one of the cooks to give me the recipe but she just replies that the main ingredient is Love. I think she was only half joking.


Summer Soul : Retreat for awakening the Spiritual Heart – day 1

IMG 2890Summer Soul –day 1: 4th July 2014

Immediately when I arrive in Paradise Retreat Center I am embraced by a feeling of magic. It’s not the sun-rays of this great Danish summer, it’s not the birds singing in the trees, not even the flowers all around – it is something else, mysterious.


Holistic Wellness Retreat on Bornholm, June 2014 Day 4

IMG 2765Day 4 - 19th June: Principles of Healing and Fulfillment

‘’A thought repeated becomes a habit, a habit repeated becomes an attitude, and attitude repeated becomes a character and a character maintained defines a destiny’’


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Natha Updates 19. August 2014: Yoga in the park (Fælledparken)

Natha Updates 19. August 2014: Yoga in the park (Fælledparken)

Udendørs Yoga i Fælledparken denne lørdag kl. 10.00-12.00 (og de følgende lørdage til og med september) FLEKSIBILITET, UDSTRÆKNING, STILHED, BEVIDSTHED, INDRE FRED, VELVÆRE, INDRE KRAFT 2 timer til at booste din indre styrke Det ser ud til vi får en dejlig sommerdag denne lørdag. I FÆLLEDPARKEN ved pavillonen, denne lørdag afholdes 2 timers gratis yoga praksis for ALLE. Du er inviteret til at komme og nyde traditionel yoga i 2 timer. Vi vil udføre guidede yogastillinger (asanas), bevidsthed, afslapning og en kort meditation. Medbring: yogamåtte, håndklæde eller tæppe, behageligt tøj, en jakke i tilfælde af at solen vil gå væk et øjeblik og dig selv! Kom gerne 10 min. før og undlad at have spist et par timer før. Alle er velkomne - både begyndere og øvede udøvere! Tilmelding er ikke nødvendig. Denne begivenhed vil fortsætte hver lørdag indtil udgangen af...
Natha Update 14. August 2014: Levende kunstnerisk yoga show på Kulturhavnen

Natha Update 14. August 2014: Levende kunstnerisk yoga show på Kulturhavnen

D. 1. og 2. august 2014 deltog Natha Yogacenter på Kulturhavnen – Danmarks største kulturelle festival. Elever fra Natha præsenterede et yoga show på en artistisk made, og på den måde delte de noget af det de har opnået fra deres indblik og læring gennem yoga praksis. Showet udfoldede sig på den måde som de maskuline og feminine energier manifesterer sig og hvordan de finder deres enhed gennem Yoga.
Everyone is doing it!

Everyone is doing it!

Everyone is doing it is a inspirational Yoga video from Natha Yogacenter. Check out our site:

From Yogapedia

What is Yoga?

yoga postureby Gregorian Bivolaru

Yoga is an extremely complex spiritual tradition, having a history older than five thousand years.
It possesses a very rich and extensive literature.


Yoga and sexuality

cupluby Gregorian Bivolaru
The genuine yoga tradition unveils a completely different approach in love and sexuality, highly more positive and plenary, unlike the confused and grotesque vision proper to most of the western people, either intoxicated or improperly educated.


The Tantric approach of the couple relationship

sun coupleThe Tantric system is one of the best systems for the modern times, in which spiritual values are forcefully being replaced by materialism and ignorance is happening almost everywhere. Tantra is the spiritual system which, having a scientific side, manages to integrate perfection and the absolute in a practical and tangible way, staying always at the level of immediate reality, instead of sterile philosophical dissertations.


Learning sexual continence

cupluLearning sexual continence is a kind of leitmotif in a couple relationship. It comes over and over again.



Maha Vidya Yoga: Ten Great Cosmic Powers

tarayantraPresentation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers:
The Tantric Festival 2006 kept by Natha Yogacenter was dedicated to celebrate the Eternal Feminine - the Supreme Energy of God: MAHA SHAKTI (The Great Shakti). As a gift for our web-guests, who could not participate to this extraordinary tantric camp we here publish the entire presentation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers from the camp program.


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''Spend every day a little time alone.'' - Gregorian Bivolaru
''All the difficulties and obstacles which appear on the spiritual path are a blessing for the one who succeeds to understand and surpass them.'' - Gregorian Bivoalru